The Colony of Termites

There are few things more satisfying than a well-kept home. With termites, it’s not just about the need to keep them out – but also keeping an eye on what they’re up to inside your walls. Termite King and Queen has been providing pest control services in the area for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service excellence. Whether you’ve got an infestation or just want peace of mind, give us a call today!

The colony of termites is made up of four different categories: workers, soldiers, reproductives and larvae.

Termite colonies are divided into sections that have specific jobs to do for the betterment of the whole. The largest category in a termite colony includes all-female members called ‘workers.’ These females spend their time fetching food from outside sources like rotten wood or traces on surfaces as well as providing care for any developing embryos inside queen’s chambers plus taking out dead bodies which they share with other insects such as ants while keeping them alive with secretions drawn from her own body tissues. One might think these creatures were altruistic but not really—they just need protein! In addition there are soldier beetles who protect against invasion by

– The King and the Queen – The King and the Queen live a life of luxury, they both react to their surroundings in order to create as many termites possible. The nest is built around the queen who cannot move so that she can lay eggs for her colony without interruption. She lays up too 30 000 eggs each day which results into 10 million per year! They take care of them until they are old enough then release them back out there where they belong!

– The Alates – tThe Alates are the termites that fly – and they only have time for one task. Flitting about, these insects will find new areas to establish in so long as there is food nearby. They swarm out of their nests at night while all other members remain behind to defend it against predators such as ants or spider mamas with babies trying to escape from an attack since they can’t leave themselves due to lack of wings! The Alate Termites are some industrious workers if I ever saw any – you don’t really notice them until suddenly a colony has grown exponentially overnight thanks solely by this little insect’s hard work ethic! Instead of staying put in the nest like lazy folk might do, once every month or two when conditions allowed.

– The Termite Soldiers – The Termite Soldiers are the strong-jawed defenders of their colony, with a natural ability to attack enemies. They can produce sticky fluids or chemical sprays that repel ants and other chomping critters who dare venture too close!

– The Termite Workers – In spite of their small size, termite workers are a crucial part of any colony as they do all the housekeeping. They groom and feed one another; make tunnels for themselves to travel through; eliminate waste so it doesn’t build up in an area greater than what can be dealt with by soldier ants alone. These industrious little insects are probably responsible for more damage to homes across America than homeowners care or know about! Check Healthida to learn further about termits.